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Adult basenjis and basenji puppies for sale on occasion to select homes.
Welcome to our new web site.  We have re-Sprite beggingdesigned the site for easy navigation, expandable content and a contemporary look.  Feel free visit often, we will be adding basenji sounds and video, additional photos and in depth interactive content.

Basenji Puppies

Home raised basenji puppies, produced by carefully selected parents, along with the very best of care and socialization provides for a balanced temperament
Brindle basenji standing on rock

Our red basenjis have a deep chestnut color and  brindle basenjis displays nice striping.
About the Jumoke Basenjis Web Site

It’s amazing how quickly times change concerning internet web sites and the impact on basenji breeders. The original Jumoke Basenjis site was published in 1992 with our service providers, Prostar, a local Seattle metropolitan company, as a sub page (~jumoke) of their web site. Prostar is no longer, being acquired by Fox Communications, Inc. We moved the site to a new domain, barkless.com, established by my good friend George Woodard and myself in 1995. There were a few web page authoring tools available at that time, but it was not unusual to just enter HTML as hard code. Html frames were a new innovation and were incorporated into the development of the site. The site was a success, providing a resource to current and prospective basenji owners. Our main focus was to provide links to assist current and prospective basenji owners to breeder, club, and other valuable information, even the personal pages of basenji owners. The site was for many years in the top 5 results for a search on “basenji” of all the major search engines.

Not any more!

So what happened? Search engines have improved their algorithms, changing the way content is evaluated. Sites which use html frames are seriously compromised, with the search engines unable to accurately evaluate the content. Initially , this was not a problem, given there were only a few basenji breeders who had web sites, some personal web sites, a few basenji clubs and very few commercial puppy finder sites that featured basenji puppies for sale. When searching “Basenji” in 2007,the Basenji Club of America, the American Kennel Club, and some other wonderful organizations have top billing, and rightfully so, but they are followed by commercial puppy finder sites which dominate the remaining search engine listings. Searching for a basenji breeder in Washington State will only turn up a few of the local basenji breeder web sites. So why are the Search Engines failing to locate these web sites? It is simply neglect and poor development of sites published by the breeders in the basenji fancy. Most basenji breeder’s web sites are old and out of date. Our site was one of them. The last change made to Jumoke Basenjis at barkless.com was in January of 2003. We did attempt to start a new site at jumoke.com in December of 2006, but ran out of time to work on the project and the site was not meeting expectations. The last change to barkless.com breeder links was November of 2005. Today several of the links do not work. Most basenji breeders involved with the fancy seldom have any free time, balancing the care, training and exhibition of their dogs with family and work. Generally, basenji breeders as a group tend to neglect their sites. It is doubtful this will change, but there is hope. Web site authoring tools have come a long way, making it much easier for the average individual to update and maintain a site. Unfortunately, publishing a basenji site which is Search Engine Optimized, (SEO), is not as easy.

Why the concern over search engine placements? The search engine sites are now the primary source of information on the breed. This was not true in 1995. The World Wide Web has become the average household’s window to all that is basenji. No longer does the prospective basenji owner go to the book store or library for a reference book on the basenji breed or general dog breed reference. We Google "basenji". We visit Amazon and select books to be delivered to our home. To find a breeder, we search the internet. Craig’s list, EBay have changed the way people advertise and their buying habits, bringing a slow death to the newspaper want ad, and the birth of a whole new industry: the commercial puppy finder web site.

Responsible basenji breeders need to have a prominent presence on the World Wide Web. This is necessary to maintain the overall quality of the breed. Responsible basenji breeders are the front line of breed educators. Selling a basenji puppy is not the primary focus of the fancy. This is not the case with the majority of the basenji puppy listings found in commercial puppy finder ads. It is necessary to educate the prospective basenji owner about the qualities of the breed and to help the prospective basenji owner demand a quality bred dog.

There are a few responsible basenji breeders which have placed ads with these commercial puppy finder sites. Such listings are often placed as a means to offer the prospective basenji owner a legitimate choice over the less reputable breeders or a reputable basenji breeder may publish an ad that otherwise has minimum internet resources. Still, these listings by responsible basenji breeders are lost among those who are breeding to sell a product. So sophisticated have some of these site developed, you can pick out your puppy, indicate where you would like it shipped and check out using a credit card or PayPal. This is by no means the ideal way to purchase a basenji puppy who is to be a member of your family for the next 13 years or more. Such point-of-sale breeders fail to provide critical education and often contribute to basenjis showing up in shelters and other rescue organizations. Some of these sellers are commercial operations; others are indiscriminate breeders looking to make some fast money.

Our goal for the Jumoke Basenjis web site is to see if we can unseat the commercial puppy finder sites. Next to the national, regional clubs and organizations, search engines should favor the basenji hobby breeder, not only our site, but those of our fellow basenji breeders who are dedicated to the fancy.

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How Much is That Basenji in the Window

How much is that basenji puppy for sale is a very common question we are asked often.  There are many basenji puppies for sale ads, especially with the internet dog / puppy finder sites.  And the price for that “basenji puppy for sale” is equally baffling; how some basenji breeders could place their basenji puppies for as little as $350.00 and other basenji breeders at $1200.00 or more.  What make one basenji puppy worth more than $1000.00 over another?  Is it a better quality basenji puppy than the other? Not necessarily. Basenji Puppy for sale ads can be very misleading and likewise with some breeders.  The for profit breeders goal is to either promote a high sales volume with quantity and a low price or a low sales volume with a, “my product is special”, high price.

The truth is, price has no relationship with the quality of that basenji puppy for sale, though the extreme low and high price points often indicate there are questionable issues.  Finding the middle point for your area is a good start. When shopping for that, “basenji puppy for sale” it is best to ignore the pricing, and focus on the basenji puppy being offered.

Pricing for that basenji puppy for sale is affected by the local economy.  A basenji breeder in Seattle, where home prices are $380,000 plus and jobs pay well, paying $900.00 for that basenji puppy for sale is not unreasonable.  On the other hand, a basenji breeder in St. Louis, where home price are $120,000 and jobs pay accordantly, paying $500.00 for that basenji puppy for sale is consistent with the local economy.  These disparities in the economic areas do impact the cost of raising a litter of basenji puppies, including the value which a breeder places on their effort.  Does this mean one should purchase that basenji puppy for sale in St. Louis over the Seattle basenji puppy for the better value? No.

The first and foremost important point to consider when buying that basenji puppy for sale is the support which the basenji breeder can provide.  This diminishes with distance.  It’s not always possible to find a basenji breeder in your area; however, visiting the breeder to evaluate the basenji puppies’ parents 300 miles away is much easier than 2000 miles.  The benefits of purchasing your, “basenji puppy for sale” locally are endless, everything from guidance with grooming to the possibility of having to return your basenji puppy.

There are some legitimate reasons for one Basenji dog breeder to charge more than another within a give area.

1.    Established breeding program.
            Basenji dog breeders who have an established  breeding record often have sufficient homes for the basenji puppies which they breed, and often demand a premium price for their puppies.  Breeding records include multiple generations of  show championships, field trial performance, quality in temperament and low or zero occurrence of health issues.  These basenji breeders can substantiate their breeding records with decades of participation in the breed fancy, references from peer breeders and owners. Often the most reliable source for a basenji puppy.

2.    Show.
           Many the basenji dog puppies from reputable breeders and even some from less reputable sources have "show potential".  A term often used when a basenji dog is evaluated as just maybe having the necessary conformation to meet the demands of the show ring.  Then there are those special basenji dog puppies which are sure winners.  These basenji puppies tend to be the basenji breeder's first or second pick.    Often the basenji breeder will guarantee success in the show ring with such puppies.  You can expect to pay more for such a basenji puppy, including possible co-ownership conditions and the breeder retaining full or partial breeding rights.  If you are intending to show a basenji dog, it's very important to evaluate the breeding record of the breeder to ensure you are purchasing a competitive quality basenji dog.  Terms and conditions on purchasing a show basenji vary greatly.

3.    Import
            Some litters involve the use of Imported basenji dogs from out of the country.   This includes native African imports.  For an individual looking for breeding stock, quality basenji dogs of such litters are an valuable asset to a breeding program.  However, basenji dogs which are intended to be spayed or neutered have no greater value than  a litter involving no imports.

4.      Breeding Stock
            Quality basenji dogs sold by an established reputable breeder as unaltered for  future possible breeding often demands a premium price.  The price often includes co-ownership conditions and show terms. The basenji breeder often retains partial breeding rights and provides mentorship.

One has to be careful that the basenji breeder truly warrants a premium price for that special basenji.  There are many irresponsible breeders which place a high value on their basenji dogs, expecting a high return.  These basenji dog breeders often boast about their establishment, quality of their basenji dogs, health testing, the willingness to place unaltered basenjis for breeding stock, however, when scrutinized, they have no peer review of their breeding program, do not participate in activities to prove out their breeding stock, and have not been mentored by creditable basenji dog breeders.  Purchasing that basenji puppy for sale from such is not advised.   If you are paying a premium price for your basenji puppy, then you should expect a quality bred basenji dog with all the references.

The cost of breeding a litter of basenji dogs vary greatly.  However, it does not  necessary justify an increase value in the basenji puppy for sale.  There are basic expenses which all responsible breeders occur.  Such as health testing, veterinary care, stud fees, etc.  On occasion, a breeder may choose to breed to an expensive stud, or utilize frozen semen and the associated cost, however if the basenji puppy you are purchasing is intended to be spayed or neutered, these additional costs are irrelevant.  It does not make the puppy more valuable than that from another responsible basenji dog breeder with in your area.  However, if that special stud has a history of producing healthy, long lived basenji dogs with superb temperaments, this merits consideration when comparing to similar priced basenji puppies for sale in the same area.

Likewise, there are some legitimate reasons for basenji puppy dogs to be priced lower than that of the established breeders in a given area.

New Breeder
            Basenji dog breeders new to the fancy often do not have the demand for placing their basenji puppies for sale, as would a established basenji breeder.  Often homes which they took reservations for fail to come through, it is usually the result of a lack of experience in evaluating homes.  There are  new basenji breeders who are very responsible, do all the necessary home work, and breed a quality litter.  it is not unusual for these new basenji breeders to be mentored by more established breeders.  A basenji puppy from one the breeders can be an exceptional value.  However, the basenji puppy buyer must take more care in confirming the qualification of such basenji dog breeders, given the lack of established references.

            On occasion, the number of basenji puppies for sale exceed the demand.  This is further aggravated by the  basenji dog's unique breeding cycle of only having one litter per year and the cycle being a seasonal event.  Ninety percent of all basenjis cycle in September and November, with basenji puppies born in December and January.  This sometime creates a surplus if homes were not previously established prior to breeding, or larger litters were consistently produced in the same year.   Responsible basenji breeders do make efforts to place their basenji puppies at the ideal age.  Sometimes there is willingness to reduce the purchase price for a good home during these surplus years.

The purchase price for that "basenji puppy for sale"  is an incidental cost, even at a  thousand dollars plus.  The cost of owning a dog has been rising, especially in veterinary care.   A health problem in your basenji dog, or even that wash cloth they just ate, can result in veterinary expenses in the thousands.  It's not unusual to expect to spend $10,000 plus over the life of a healthy basenji dog, this greatly increases with behavior or health problems.

When shopping for that "basenji puppy for sale" the buyer must weigh many factors before even considering the purchase price.  It is recommended that you contact at least two responsible breeders, choose the litter which you are most interested in, then factor in the purchase price.

Please browse the Jumoke web site for more basenji information.  The site is a work in progress so check back often.  We are always interested in feed back and suggestions to improve the site, with the goal of adding basenji information to assist the prospective basenji owner and current owners.



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